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IKEA Kitchen and Bath assembly and installation service



ReadyRenovations specializes in IKEA kitchen and bath installations for Nelson, Castlegar and surrounding area. Installing IKEA kitchen and bath cabinets provides great value and quality compared to custom cabinet installation. Also, IKEA cabinets are available in a wide selection of styles and sizes to fit most home renovation needs. Whether you are looking for a sleek, modern white foil laminate finish or a more contemporary dark hardwood style, IKEA offers many finishes and colours. ReadyRenovations can come to you and we can plan your new kitchen in the comfort of your own home, during the appointment ReadyReno will take accurate measurements of the kitchen area and discuss options to optimise the space using IKEA's kitchen planner online tool, to design your ultimate dream kitchen. Your IKEA kitchen cabinets will be delivered directly to your door and ReadyRenovations will take care of all the installation for you. Our fully coordinated installation service can save you valuable time, especially when it comes to the trickier jobs like fitting sinks, taps, worktops and appliances. ReadyRenovations uphold the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship; we are committed to getting the job done professionally and efficiently. Therefore, you can feel confident that your kitchen and bathroom will be installed to the highest standard. Our all-in-one renovation and installation service also include demolition and junk removal of your old cabinets, tiling, flooring, fixtures and a final cleaning, so there’s no hidden charges and you can be sure your home is left in immaculate condition and Ready for you to enjoy!

(Not including actual "dump"fees)


Our kitchen reno services include installation of kitchen cabinets, shelving and cupboards, IKEA kitchen cabinet design, cabinet selection and kitchen installation, pantry storage solutions, custom kitchen counter tops fabrication and replacement, blacksplash wall tile, hardwood and tile flooring installation, kitchen exhaust fans, baseboards and trims, undermount sinks, custom lighting solutions and more.


Our bathroom reno services include bathroom cabinet installation, bathroom fixtures including tub and shower solutions, tub/shower door installation, sink and toilet, backsplash and wall tile, flooring installation, lighting fixtures, custom shelving and storage solutions, and more.



For more information, or to request a personal consultation to discuss a plan for your new kitchen or bathroom installation please contact us.

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